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Brembo Xtra Drilled Performance Rotors

Brembo’s Xtra line of brake rotors combine our drilled rotor design for the ultimate street performance and our UV coating to give improved braking while looking good.

We have put together a line of rotors designed to fit different vehicle classes, utilizing different rotor geometry to achieve optimal performance for each type of vehicle.

Drilled Braking Surface

One of the main benefits of our drilled rotor design is the improved temperature control.

Our precision-engineered drilled rotors ensure optimal dispersion of gasses as well as improved cooling even under heavy use. Brembo Xtra greatly reduces brake fade and keeps your brakes from overheating.

Superior Grip

The addition of holes to the brake surface has a positive effect on pad grip.

Brembo Xtra rotors grip the pads more effectively, which also ensures that pads are cleaned while braking. The very top layer that often accumulates all kinds of debris, is “scraped off” leaving the clean braking compound ready for use.

Wet Braking Performance

Consistent and reliable braking performance can be a challenge in wet conditions.

Wet weather conditions can form a thin film covering the braking surface of a rotor, and impede its ability to offer a good grip. Having a drilled braking surface solves that issue.

Extended Durability and Reliability

Brembo Xtra rotors feature our advanced UV coating protection. We use a water-based UV coating that reduces the chance of corrosion, even under adverse weather conditions. We treat the entire rotor with our UV coating, ensuring that no part of the rotor is exposed and vulnerable.

Our UV technology means that our rotors are ready to install out of the box. There’s no need to clean the braking surface prior to installation.

Fixing Screws

Fixing Screws

By supplying the fixing screws in the rotors box, Brembo provides extra help to the technician if the original screw is rusty, worn or stripped to such an extent as to prevent or make it difficult to reuse.


Recognize original Brembo products

Brembo is constantly battling counterfeiting of its products, since brake pads and discs are active safety components of the vehicle, therefore the customer must always be certain that the product purchased and installed on his or her vehicle is a Brembo original.

Drawing on the experience of the Brembo Performance Division, Auto and Motorcycle, Brembo Aftermarket products have validation systems capable of protecting customers from the risk of acquiring products that are not authentic, making the purchasing experience entirely safe and satisfying.



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