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Brembo Xtra Drilled Performance Rotors

Brembo’s Xtra line of brake rotors combine our drilled rotor design for the ultimate street performance and our UV coating to give improved braking while looking good.

We have put together a line of rotors designed to fit different vehicle classes, utilizing different rotor geometry to achieve optimal performance for each type of vehicle.


Here at Brembo, we are dedicated to innovation.

Our brake rotors utilize a number of cutting edge technologies that improve performance, durability, resistance to environmental effects, and comfort.

With Brembo line of UV rotors, you are getting a perfectly balanced brake disc made by professionals who understand your driving needs.

Ready Out of the Box

When you purchase our UV coated brake rotors, you can install them right from the box.

There is no need to clean the braking surface with brake cleaners or solvents prior to installation.

Simply take the rotor from the box and mount it straight onto your car!

Out of the box

Pillar Ventilating (PVT) System for Optimal Thermal Exchange

Brembo rotors that feature our PVT technology offer 40% more resistance to thermal cracks.

By using pillars instead of standard vanes, we have managed to improve the cooling of the disc, greatly prevent thermal crack propagation and increase the overall thermal exchange surface.

With PVT, you can count on better performance under heavy braking.

One Step Further with PVT Plus

We have gone a step further with our latest PVT Plus series of rotors.

This design represents the evolution of the PVT technology and is utilizing the improved cross-shaped pillars.

Each type of rotor comes with its own, unique pillar geometry, ensuring the best possible cooling performance for its size, weight and application.

Two-Piece Brake Rotors for Premium Class

Our two-piece series of rotors offer optimal performance for premium class vehicles. We offer composite, floating and co-cast rotors, each delivering a unique performance profile. With the two-piece design, you can count on weight savings ranging up to 30% compared to regular rotors.

Floating Disc

Brembo Floating Discs

Our floating rotors also use the aluminum hats and cast iron brake surfaces, only this time they are joined by locking bushings.

By using locking bushings, we have allowed the disc to expand during periods of high thermal stress, thus avoiding warpage or permanent damage.

Brembo Composite Rotors

Composite technologies merge aluminum hat, cast iron brake surface and heavy-duty steel pins to create a lighter system that offers better braking all around. The resulting improved performance levels are consistent even under extreme conditions.

Composite Rotors
Co-Cast Rotors

Brembo Co-Cast Rotors

Co-cast technology represents the latest in composite disc design. We have combined a steel hat with a cast iron braking surface that’s is high in carbon. The two components are joined together using the co-casting process. As a result, you are getting a significantly reduced disc weight, improved temperature handling and overall better handling.

High-Carbon Rotors that Meet and Exceed OE Specifications

High Carbon (HC) portion of our aftermarket range offer a sporty alternative to the OEM part with several added benefits. HC rotors greatly reduce noise and improve overall comfort during use.

It all comes down to the proprietary cast iron alloy that is high in carbon and helps achieve the high damping coefficient that HC rotors are known for.

High Carbon
Fixing Screws

Fixing Screws

By supplying the fixing screws in the rotors box, Brembo provides extra help to the technician if the original screw is rusty, worn or stripped to such an extent as to prevent or make it difficult to reuse.

Brake Drums that Bring Performance to a Whole New Level

Brembo series of brake drums merges technologies we use on our premium rotors to bring greatly improved performance to the commercial vehicle sector. All of our drums are ECE-R90 compliant and use various materials to achieve weight reductions across the board.

Our brake drum line of products is OE compatible, ensuring a perfect fit in 96% of commercial vehicles. Enjoy the improved braking performance, high wear resistance and improved comfort with our premium selection!


Recognize original Brembo products

Brembo is constantly battling counterfeiting of its products, since brake pads and discs are active safety components of the vehicle, therefore the customer must always be certain that the product purchased and installed on his or her vehicle is a Brembo original.

Drawing on the experience of the Brembo Performance Division, Auto and Motorcycle, Brembo Aftermarket products have validation systems capable of protecting customers from the risk of acquiring products that are not authentic, making the purchasing experience entirely safe and satisfying.



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