Brembo Aftermarket UV Coated High Carbon Rotors – Miles Ahead of the Competition

Brembo UV Coated

Upgrading the braking system doesn’t mean that you have to get beefy, sport rotors and massive calipers. 

There’s plenty you can do while staying within the OEM spec for your car. Brembo takes great pride in stretching the OEM parameters to their limits when it comes to brake rotors. Our UV coated series of high carbon rotors don’t just meet the OEM specs, but they exceed them by a sizable margin!

When developing these, our goal was to give the driver a new benchmark of performance – a braking system component that puts the original factory component in the rearview mirror. To do so, we’ve implemented numerous technologies that have allowed us to boost performance while staying within OEM parameters.

Brembo UV Coated High Carbon Rotors – the Meaning of High Performance

Here at Brembo, we’re constantly working on improving our products and finding new ways to make cars brake more efficiently. As a result, when most people think of Brembo, they visualize massive slotted rotors on high-performance cars. However, “high performance” has more than one face.

Over the years we’ve gathered a lot of knowledge on braking from top-tier racing. Lessons learned on the track have proven to be invaluable for developing new technologies and innovative solutions to old problems. All that being said, applying that newly found knowledge to our products meant for street use has been equally important.

Brembo UV Coated rotors offer a fusion of higher technologies developed for the track, and OEM specs. We’ve designed a series of rotors that you can mount on your vehicle and instantly enjoy tangible performance improvements.

The Advanced Technologies Behind Brembo UV Coated Rotors

Innovation is the key to evolution. What differentiates our rotors from other OEM brake discs is our ability to anticipate future demands better than others. Our Original series is based on several new technologies that give our rotors a competitive edge.

The goal was to exceed OEM standards across the board. That meant improving the braking performance of the rotor, but also the durability and longevity. The latter two are often overlooked in the search for improved grip. However, we’ve found a way to incorporate all three of these features and more. Doing so involved utilizing the following technologies.

High Carbon Brake Rotors

The use of high carbon cast iron in brake rotors is nothing new. However, not all high carbon steel alloys are created equal. Controlling the stock and having a certain level of consistency is key. Without it, there’s no base-level quality to build upon.

We understood early on that controlling the stock material, as well as the initial phases of production, was crucial for the quality of the end product. Brembo has complete control over the high carbon cast iron we use, as well as the manufacturing process and later stages of production. With everything done in-house under our own terms, we’ve managed to bring a benchmark of quality higher.

Why High Carbon Rotors?

Adding carbon to cast iron changes many of its properties. Our high carbon rotors are configured in a way that allows us to extract optimal temperature dissipation from the material. Additionally, high carbon rotors offer a high damping coefficient.

In fact, the two are tightly connected. The ability of high carbon rotor to dissipate heat means that there is a tangible reduction in rotor distortion when it gets hot. This, in turn, translates to lower vibrations, lower noise output, and thus higher comfort.

PVT Ventilation for Optimal Heat Dissipation
Brembo PVT Ventilation

PVT Ventilation for Optimal Heat Dissipation

As far as brakes go, heat is both your most valuable ally and your worst enemy depending on the amount you’re dealing with. Brakes work better when they’re warmed up. However, let them get too hot, and you’ll lose braking power and flexibility.

We’ve tackled this issue in a number of ways, including PVT ventilation. Ventilated discs feature empty space between braking surfaces. The way this empty space is designed can greatly impact heat dissipation.

One of the most popular solutions in the industry revolves around building vanes into the ventilation chamber. Vanes have been the norm for a long time, but PVT pushes this technology to a whole new level. 

PVT ventilation relies on pillars that improve heat handling while reducing the amount of empty space in the ventilation chamber.

Why is that important? Because more empty space means more risk of thermal cracks. By reducing the amount of empty space, we’ve increased our rotor’s resistance to thermal cracks up to 40%.

Most importantly, PVT technology improves heat dissipation and allows for better thermal exchange. In other words, your rotors will cool down quickly when you run them hard.

UV Protection

The longevity of brake rotors depends on a number of factors. Your braking habits play a role for sure. However, you’d be surprised how much of an impact the environment has on a vehicle and its components. No matter how much we love driving, our cars spend more time parked than they do driving around. 

On top of that, when in use, an average vehicle will spend a significant part of its life driving through snow or water (depending on local climate).

The constant exposure to water, humidity, sunlight, constant temperature cycles – all of it can greatly shorten the lifespan of your rotor. To combat these, and many other effects, we’ve started applying our environmentally friendly UV coating to our rotors.

Brembo UV Coating  

UV coating does a lot more than you might think. It greatly improves resistance to corrosion, which isn’t the case with the usual protective coating. Then there’s the fact that UV coating keeps the rotor looking clean for much longer. We can probably agree that there’s nothing worse than rusted out rotors on an otherwise attractive car. Our coating is applied on the hub and external edge of the disc, as well as a thin layer on the braking surface as well. 

Additionally, UV coated rotors are ready for use right out of the box. You don’t have to wipe them down with brake cleaner before installation, or prep them in any other way. All you have to do is take out your old rotors and install the new ones. Simple as that.

Lastly, the UV coating that we apply to our rotors also reduces our carbon footprint. We’re spending far less energy on this type of protection compared to the usual chemical compounds. 

The Evolution of OEM

Brembo Original rotors are the ultimate OEM replacement part. We take great pride in producing a rotor that is far ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to performance. 

Best of all, the UV Coated series covers a wide range of vehicle make and models, meaning that your vehicle is most likely ready to accept a set of our rotors with no modifications necessary. Paired with a good set of pads, such as our NAO Ceramic or Low-Met Series, Brembo UV Coated rotors will take the braking capability of your vehicle to a whole new level.

If you’re looking for improved performance but don’t want to get into specialized track rotors, our UV Coated series is the way to go. It offers the perfect balance between comfort, improved grip, ventilation, and durability. As far as we’re concerned, these are the ultimate street rotors for everyday commuting.