For Aston Martin DB9 Front Left or Right Disc Brake Rotor Brembo Slotted 355mm | 09.8780.21
Front Disc Brake Rotor Brembo 09.8780.21Slotted; 355x32mm; Pillar Venting Tech; 5 Lugs
One x 09.8780.21 Front Disc Brake Rotor Brembo Slotted; 355x32mm; Pillar Venting Tech; 5 Lugs; High ...


Front Disc Brake Rotor Brembo 09.8780.21

Slotted; 355x32mm; Pillar Venting Tech; 5 Lugs

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Technical Data
Part Type
Disc Brake Rotor
Nominal Thickness (mm)
Overall Height (mm)
Part Number
12.85 lbs
L x W x H
360 x 360 x 60
Product Description
PVT, UV Coating
Height (mm)
UV Coated
Diameter (mm)
High Carbon
Ventilation Type
Braking Surface
Fixing Screws
Minimum Thickness (mm)
Centring Diameter
Number of Holes
Interchange Part Number
4G431125AE, 4G432810265, 09.8780.20, 4G431125AF
One x 09.8780.21 Front Disc Brake Rotor Brembo Slotted; 355x32mm; Pillar Venting Tech; 5 Lugs; High Carbon
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 Aston Martin DB9 (2005-2016)Out of Stock$182.95BUY
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Additional Info

Original Equipment and Aftermarket products

Original Equipment and Aftermarket products are made at the same site, with the same meticulous attention in each phase of the production process: from design to foundry, from processing to distribution, from the development of the compounds to the molding phase.

Brembo always achieves the highest standards of quality required by the main manufacturers worldwide.

Additional Info 2

UV coating

More resistance, less emissions, high corrosion resistance and respect for the environment.

The low environmental impact and the excellent resistance to corrosion allow the range of
brake discs with UVcoating to establish a new benchmark for the protective treatment. Moreover, the exclusive metal finish offers anappealing aesthetic impact.

Alternative integral coating systemUV coating
Corrosion protection High High
Emissions Contains up to 15% volatile organic
compounds VOC's
Non-volatile components
Healthcare Contains toxic substances such as methanol Non-hazardous components
Other resistance High resistance to oils and brake fluids.
Limited chemical resistance, e.g. sensitive to
acidic rim cleaners
High chemical resistance to chemicals
Energy and CO2 Balance 40 seconds at about 400 kW of electrical
power inductors. Plus about 15-20 kW cooling fan
20 seconds at 10-15 kW of electrical power to the UV
lamps, so energetically very economical
Energy consumption 4,67 kWh/disc 0,08 kWh/disc
DisadvantageCritical propertiesAdvantage
Additional Info 3

PVT ventilation

Resistance against thermal cracks. Enhanced cooling
and over 40% resistance to thermal crack

The Brembo patent for PVT discs changes market habits, using pillars instead of vanes in the ventilation chamber. The system improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to thermal cracks by more than 40%. The most significant innovations are:

Less empty space for crack propagation

A more even distribution of pillars to vanes reduces the space available for
propagation of thermal cracks on the braking surface.

More thermal exchange surface

When compared to vane-type ventilation, the pillar-type ensures a larger thermal
exchange surface, thus improving heat dissipation capacity.

Greater air turbulence

Inside the ventilation chamber, the pillars help generate greater air turbulence and
therefore increased cooling capacity..


PVT PLUS is the latest technological evolution for brake disc ventilation.

The cross shape of the ventilation pillars provides greater resistance to thermal cracking, increasing braking performance while offering significant weight reduction. In order to ensure optimal heat exchange, the new PVT PLUS ventilation system also features different geometries for each specific type of disc.

OE Code
Manufacturer Part Number

High Carbon content

The high damping coefficient ensures driving comfort and reduces vibration and noise.

Perfect result of Brembo's philosophy of offering also to the Aftermarket a range of products developed with the same parameters as the Original Equipment, the High Carbon (HC) brake discs offer comfort and reduced noise thanks to the high damping coefficient. The result comes from Brembo technology and complete control over production in its plants, which allows for variation of the chemical composition of the cast iron by increasing the percentage of carbon.

HC brake discs are used for more than 500 codes for cars and industrial vehicles.

Fixing screws

The Solution close to hand

By supplying the fixing screws in the disc box, Brembo provides extra help to the technician if the original screw is rusty, worn or stripped to such an extent as to prevent or make it difficult to reuse.

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