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Brembo Premium Brake Fluid

The Brembo Premium Brake Fluid products pass the standards applied for class 4, 5.1 and 6 brake fluid.

The product offers greater resistance against Vapor Lock, ensuring braking efficiency even at low temperatures. Thanks to the excellent corrosion and oxidation-resistant properties, Brembo brake fluids also make it possible to achieve long-term protection against alteration of fluid chemical/physical properties when in the operating circuit, thus keeping it intact.

Check the compatibility of your braking system with the brake fluid selected in the service manual of your car. To request the Safety Data Sheet for Brembo brake fluid, write to us at academy@brembo.it

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Maximum guarantee for your braking system

High load capacity and reliability over the long term for the new product from Brembo.

For the correct maintenance of your braking system, when changing the pads, always make sure that the braking components are well lubricated. Brembo B-Quiet is the brake lubricant to apply where the parts of the braking system move or slide or on the sliding surface of the calipers and pads, on the pins and on the bushings. In all these cases, Brembo B-Quiet lubricant effectively reduces braking system noise and guarantees protection of the components from corrosion.

To request the Brembo B-Quiet lubricant Safety Data Sheet, write to academy@brembo.it

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