Brembo Low-Met Brake Pads – The Ultimate in OE Equivalent Brake Pads

Brembo Low-Met Brake Pads

Brake pads are the core component of any braking system. Whether your car packs a massive 6-piston caliper sitting over a 330 mm rotor, or a single-piston setup, it’s the brake pad that dictates how fast you’ll stop and how often you can engage the brake pedal. 

Different brake pads bring different options to the table. There are pads made to provide comfort, while others are designed for performance. If you’re the type of driver who values a good bite in their brakes, you’re exactly the person we had in mind when we designed our Low-Met brake pads. 

What is a Low-Met Friction Material

What is a Low-Met Friction Material

To most, brake pads come across as simple hardware. In reality, there’s a lot of engineering that goes into building an effective pad. Although the backplate and the other parts of the pad all play vital roles, it’s the friction material that dictates the performance of any brake pad. 

Friction materials are designed to achieve different goals. For example, ceramic brake pad materials deliver low noise, and reduced brake dust production during braking. The trade off with these types of friction materials is the fact that all the benefits we’ve just listed usually come at the expense of performance

The current understanding of brake pad materials says that performance brings a number of compromises. We’ve managed to push past that understanding and build a pad that bends the norms. Our Low-Met pads deliver that performance, but with a limited impact on comfort and durability.

Why Go with Brembo Low-Met?

Here at Brembo, we’re constantly pushing the limits of performance. The Low-Met compound that we’ve engineered for this line of brake pads brings a number of tangible benefits to the table, aside from significantly shorter braking distances in all conditions. Brembo’s LowMet brake pads meet or exceeded OE technical specifications. 

  • Fading resistance – The materials used in Low-Met pads are custom-tailored to handle high heat that occur during heavy brake use. These pads will handle temperatures in excess of 700F without fading. 
  • Easy Installation – Installing brake pads can be a tedious job, especially if you haven’t done this in a while. We’ve ensured quick installation and perfect compatibility by following the OE specs and delivering the pads with a complete range of accessories necessary for easy installation. 

Low Vibrations and Noise 

Low metallic and semi-metallic pads are noisy by default. So much so that most experienced drivers take this information for granted. So how did we manage to greatly reduce the level of noise and vibrations in our Low-Met compound?

Our patented solutions have allowed us to design a low metallic friction material that has a much higher threshold for both noise and vibration. Although our Low-Met pads aren’t as quiet as our ceramic pads, they are much quieter than most equivalent pads you’ll find on the shelves. 

Full Compatibility

The Low-Met range of brake pads is fully compatible with a vast array of vehicle makes and models. We’ve geared this pad for use in premium European cars, however, you’ll find that Low-Met pads work great in both Asian and American-made vehicles. 

Our custom hardware kits make installation easy and painless no matter what car you drive. Head over to our product navigation tool to find out which Brembo products are compatible with your car’s make and model.